Transitioning Your Succulent Plants Outdoors for Summer

When the days and nights start getting warmer here in Southern Ontario, it's time to transition our succulent plants outdoors! We find most of the succulents we grow indoors during the colder seasons tend to really enjoy moving outdoors in the summertime, as succulents thrive in high light conditions. As a result of more sunlight, we see brighter coloured succulents, and less stretching. BUT, as with most indoor-grown plants, its very important to transition succulent plants outdoors slowly, and with care. Below are the steps we take when transitioning our succulents outdoors:
  • Research. Check online to see your succulent species' light requirements. Some succulents thrive in bright direct sunlight, while others would prefer indirect light.
  • Take the night off. Start by bringing your succulents outdoors only during the daytime (always make sure temperatures are no lower than 15 degrees celsius). Bring them in at night as it tends to be cooler and you don't want to shock them. 
  • Not too much light! Place your succulents in a semi-shaded area to begin with. DO NOT place your succulents in the direct hot sun, as this will result in their leaves burning. Yes, they do love light, but if you expose them to too much light (after being indoors for an extended period of time) they will be unhappy.
  • Ease into it. Slowly move them each day to a sunnier spot (if the species thrives in direct light). Do this for about a week and they should be sufficiently "hardened off".

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