Succulent Leaf Propagation

Succulents are the best beginner plant to experiment with propagation because they are no-fuss, and you hardly need any materials at all. Below, we are going to share with you our method for propagating (multiplying) our succulents by leaf!

Materials Needed:

  • potting soil
  • shallow dish without drainage holes
  • spray bottle (optional)

Choosing the Succulent:

Not all succulents are great for leaf propagation, here are the succulent species we have the most luck with:

Getting Started:

  • First, gently twist one of the chubby leaves from your plant off, make sure the leaf "pops" off by twisting, and doesn't rip.
  • Once the leaf is off, you've done the bulk of the work! Place the leaf on top of moist soil and leave in a bright spot.
  • Don't worry about keeping the soil constantly moist, succulents are incredibly hardy when it comes to dry soil, as they store extra water in their chubby leaves to take from when they need it.
  • After a couple of months, you should see tiny roots coming out of the leaf, and then eventually, a mini version of the original plant you took the leaf from!
  • Do not remove the original leaf from the new growth until it is completely shrivelled and brown 

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