Transitioning Your Succulent Plants Indoors for the Winter

When the nights become cooler here in Southern Ontario, it's time to transition our succulent plants indoors for the winter.

We find most of the succulents we grow indoors during the colder seasons tend to really enjoy moving outdoors in the summertime, as succulents thrive in high light conditions. But when temperatures start to drop below 8 degrees celsius, it is time to bring them indoors. As with any tropical plant, succulents need to be transitioned slowly from one growing environment to the next. Below are the steps we take when transitioning our succulents indoors:
  • Research. Check online to see your succulent species' light requirements. Most succulents will do best inside when receiving bright indirect light.
  • Take the night off. Start by bringing your succulents indoors only during the nighttime (as nighttime temperatures are generally much cooler). 
  • Give them light! Because the succulents have been receiving optimal light outside, it is best to place them as close to a window as possible when bringing them inside. If you place them in an area with less light than they're used to, they will be shocked by the sudden change. 
  • Ease into it. Slowly move them inside for longer and longer periods of time each day. Do this for about a week, and they should be sufficiently acclimated

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